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My Wedding Stream


Robert Joseph Photography & Video are excited to offer Live Streaming services for your wedding or special event.

Please take a minute to review the information below if you're considering Virtual Live Streaming for your wedding day!

Why Live Stream your Wedding?

As you plan your wedding day, you’ll notice one unfortunate part of preparing for it -- more than likely a handful of loved ones won’t be able to attend the wedding.

According to various reports, roughly 15% of invited guests will respond "no" to your wedding invitation or cancel last minute. And if you’re having a destination wedding? That number bumps up to 20-30%. Often it’s because they’re ill,  they live far away and are unable to travel, or their schedule just doesn’t line up with your wedding date.

Live streaming your ceremony, reception or both can accommodate those that are unable to attend from comfort of their home.

An affordable and fun way to share your special day!

What is live streaming?

In a nutshell, live streaming is broadcasting your wedding over the internet so people can follow the action from anywhere in the world. Your friends and relatives are simply given a website link to click on the big day and this allows them to watch the wedding ceremony as it unfolds.

How does it work?

Without getting too technical, a high-definition video camera and a series of microphone feeds are hooked up to the internet to create a live stream of action. This is done through and available network or 4G/5G mobile data network. The live stream is hooked up to a laptop, digital switcher and primary camera, which is then connected to a designated broadcast channel such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc.

Can you live stream all weddings, or just those in a church or building with existing internet service?

Because you only need a high-speed internet connection or 4G/5G data coverage, live streaming isn’t just restricted to inside buildings.

Can the live stream be restricted to the intended audience of our choice?

Password protection is available to couples who want to keep their day private. A website link is set up prior to the day and sent via email to the future bride and groom to share the link as broadly, or as narrowly, as they would like.

Can they be saved and/or downloaded?

Live streams can be downloaded. Our packages also encompass all digital files, so they are featured in the finished product and delivered on a USB drive.

Contact us today for availability and pricing.
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